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Hillmen News · Tennis plays for section title today in Stockton


One to go.

As expected, Placer High’s coed tennis team made short work of its Section semifinal opponent, sweeping Mountain House 9-0 on Tuesday to claim a berth in the final on Thursday at Oak Park in Stockton.

It wasn’t even as close as Monday’s quarterfinal, in which players from Delhi pushed a few of the HIllmen; the mixed doubles even forced a third set.

There was no danger of that on Tuesday.

The scores: Alex Miller (6-1, 6-0); Ricardo Accettulli (6-0, 6-3); Kolby Hedden and Jason Hensler (6-0, 6-0); Brenden Moley and Matt Yee (6-0, 6-0); Julia Hinshaw (6-0, 6-1); Gracie Schoenhoff (6-3, 6-4); Meggie Williams and Lexi Heuer (6-1, 6-1); Cayenne Gularde and Katy James (6-4, 6-3); and Derek Shreeve and Ashley Clifton (6-0, 6-0).

The Hillmen will be taking on the Riverbank Bruins on Thursday.

“They’re going to be the best team we’ve played all year,” Placer coach Tom Isaac said.

Placer will still be overwhelming favorites. Hard not to be when half of your team are individual Section champions.

“We should have the edge on every court,” Isaac said. “We’ll make sure they’re well … and get down and prepare as well as we can. The kids are pumped and excited.”