Hillmen News · Placer is now in the Foothill Valley League

Placer is now playing in the new Footbill Valley League (FVL) starting this fall.

The new league will consist of Placer, Ponderosa, Nevada Union, Lincoln, Oakmont and Rio Linda.

The FVL will offer 3 levels of competition for sports. Those levels will consist of Frosh/Soph, JV,  and Varsity. The Frosh/Soph will include freshman and sophomore athletes, the JV will include freshman, sophomores and junior athletes, and the varsity will include all grade levels.

The FVL will be a Division 3 league and this will be a step down for Ponderosa and Nevada Union who have competed at the D1 level for several years. Oakmont and Rio Linda have been up and down in divisions but have mostly competed at the D2 level. This will be a step up for Placer and Lincoln who came from the D4 PVL league. Reminder that almost all of the sports playoffs are enrollment based so as the FVL league teams qualify for playoffs they could be placed  in divisions with teams closer to their school size.

Here is a list of the FVL schools and their history of section championships. Placer 83, Ponderosa 57, Nevada Union 28, Oakmont 20, Lincoln 12, Rio Linda 5.